Ashore in Port of Pollenca.

Ashore in Port of Pollenca.


Puerto Pollenca is our 2nd charter base. Charter yacht “Peachick” our very tidy Sun Odyssey 33i is berthed in Royal Club Nautico Puerto Pollenca.  The club certainly deserves a mention in its own right; low level linear modern architecture sloping walls, large windows and a swish but not an overdone finish it’s a great place to visit for a beer or something to eat.

Most Sailing clubs in Spain operate on a commercial basis so not at all “members only” with restaurants & bars operating often as a commercial marina. RNCPPollenca however is very much a “sailing club” as well with dinghies, kids Oppy section etc and the atmosphere corresponds. I’m afraid as a non-member some of the facilities are not available but it’s a very pleasant place to be on your charter holiday in Mallorca.

Within The Port there are also public moorings, several small yards & the Town Quay (fuel berth at the end) which lies to the South East of the Club next to the entrance. Boats moor stern to as usual with visitors’ berths at Eastern end. As you walk West down towards the beach & the town the berths become more permanent & also smaller ending up with rows of beautifully kept traditional fishing llaut.  There are now also 2 new single wooden pontoon facilities on the outside of the harbour.

This Town Quay, run by a very friendly Ports IB team has also doubled as a secondary base for our bareboat charters on occasions.  There is a laundrette up near the fuel berth & what used to be a bar café is now an ever improving café restaurant “La Cantina.” Right on the quay 5 Ft from the moored boats – nothing better than mooring up & stepping ashore for a something cold or a last minute “Cortado” before leaving. You can even sit in your cockpit & join friendly buzz. Nothing flash here, the price is reasonable but it is very good whatever your expectations.

Next time : Port of Pollenca town & The Old town.