Cabo Menorca & South towards Porto Cristo.

Cabo Menorca & South towards Porto Cristo.

Cabo Menorca & South towards Puerto Cristo.

Charter a yacht in Mallorca from our Alcudia base you may well head South towards the Mallorca Calas (Calas de Mallorca). Taking the direct route and bypassing (for this paragraph) Alcudia bay the first part of that passage will be the 8.5Nm that will take you South East.  Leaving to Starboard C’an Picafort & tiny Puerto Serra Nova in the depth of the bay the headland of Cabo Farrux to the South will mark the exit of Alcudia bay with Cabo De Menorca marking the North. Often this will be a downhill passage with the prevailing winds coming from the North East.

As you round this headland; steep inland with a lower ridge to seaward there may be dramatic windshifts – On a calm day nothing frightening of course – boat charter in Mallorca is meant to be fun rather than intimidating after all. But don’t be surprised to see another yacht coming from the South also sailing downwind.

The cliffs at this Southern end are similar to those north of Cabo Menorca, beautiful & unpopulated except by goats & fishermen mining the shoreline.There follows an expanse of semi dramatic coast – that gives way to the 1st sight of the Northmost of the Calas. There are some small but reasonable anchorages mostly quite open and few signs of civilisation starting to creep in.

Alcudia boats will often head towards Cala Ratjada (Never referred to as Cala Rat of course & a pleasant enough place) as a 1st stop because it’s usually an easy 1st day sail & looks to mark a passage that has crossed Alcudia bay & turned the corner.

I might suggest to either make a shorter passage & visit the very attractive & genuine Puerto de Colonia San Pedro – usually known as Colonia San Pere.  A charming spot to stop if considering yacht holidays in Mallorca with 1 of the best sunsets on the island. (Much more about this at a later date.)

This then leaves  a day to make a lunch stop as the landscape becomes less interesting  & make for the more interesting terrain heading South to Porto Cristo &  Porto Colom.