Sailing Mallorca. Porto Colom & toward Cala D’Or.

Sailing Mallorca. Porto Colom & toward Cala D’Or.

I like sailing this stretch of Mallorca’s East coast as it feels a little as if leaving one area for another. Often the case on a sailing holiday in Mallorca there can be some major changes in wind direction & strength as you progress but the scenery is stunning.

Initially the developments surrounding Porto Cristo thin out with the odd large gated complex in the cliffs. There are several quieter Calas & anchorages with decent sand beaches well worth a stop before Porto of Colom pops up identified by the distinctive lighthouse. When chartering a yacht in unfamiliar waters there is often a little apprehension as you check your position and a little buzz as the landmark appears as expected this 1 leaves it quite late!

Porto Colom I am still undecided on. It’s a good harbour in a useful location with a simple entrance (See chart/pilot) & worth a visit on any charter holiday charter in Majorca. A natural harbour; a wide expanse of water, shallow in many places and a very attractive almost rural place to moor without doubt.

The town is ok with enough going on and a “laid back mixed with tourist” atmosphere which we like and there are also some genuine establishments no question.  Overall though I think I prefer to be anchored here (Swinging Mooring these days) and sitting in the cockpit enjoying the peace that comes with being a distance from Manacor, Palma & the big beaches.

Heading South from Colom, most of our RYA sailing courses in Mallorca get this far South, we are in a mix of rural & developed landscape with the most beautiful Calas that any yacht sailing Mallorca’s coastline could hope to find.

I will post a SUP excursion of these and the arrival in Cala D’Or (Llonga) as they are worth it. Calas Gran, Serena, Esmerelda & Mitjana could make for a whole charter, anchor and explore this small area.  Great for kids & big kids with toys more often than not making acquaintances & friends with other crews. In contrast to the peace of Cabrera further South it can get a bit crowded in Season but most boating people are considerate.

A varied Sailing excursion & charter holiday is more fun after all.