Sailing The Balerarics.The North East coast: Cap Formentor to Pto Soller.

Sailing The Balerarics.The North East coast: Cap Formentor to Pto Soller.

There is no escaping the Northern coast of Mallorca is rugged, The Tramontana Mountains run the length and make a spectacular & unforgiving shoreline. If you split the 70+Nm  passage into 2 halves the first heading West leaves Soller; a most worthwhile destination, as the only real harbour that provides decent shelter. As always I leave pilotage & possibilities for shelter (or lack of) to the pilot books.

With NE as the prevailing wind this is often a downwind passage & to date we have always had enough breeze to make this worthwhile, I have often heard it said that to sail the whole length of the coast is rare and 180deg shifts are not uncommon.

On Rounding Cap Formentor and sailing West toward Pta Galera  (The other side of the mountains that you have most likely just sailed past from Pollenca bay)  the grandeur of steep to ridges, peaks & crevasse is striking & will not disappoint anyone who has 1st driven (or cycled) up to Formentor and looked down. This 1st  stretch takes you past St Vicente a smallish resort lurking in between 2 slightly less high outcrops. It can be a good anchorage and I like it as a place to stop particularly if you are not keen to knock off some miles. (IE when going East!)

Sailing this leg is always something to remember the scenery is interesting, great landscape with castles & towers in the hills; and there are places to anchor – most likely in great depth and exploring is possible but very much DIY.

The 2nd noted Cala is Sa Colobra way past Pta Beca.  I very much like Sa Colobra as a cove but ashore its busy, with many ways of taking your Euro (Fair enough I guess) The Cala is probably packed with Mobos after 1100 add in the ferry & concrete jetty & often we sail past.

There is another small sheltered nook just to the East of Soller that looks OK, some boats usually but worth a look.

Soller once found is worth the effort, pontoon availability in season is very restricted & anchoring can turn into a competitive sport here.  Our usual spot is quite close in towards the swimming area where there is depth and then to take advantage of reduced swinging arc of boats on mooring bouys.