Yacht charter Mallorca, across Alcudia bay to Colonia Sant Pere (St Pedro)

Yacht charter Mallorca, across Alcudia bay to Colonia Sant Pere (St Pedro)

On any Mediterranean yacht charter or holiday sometimes you may find the closest ports are the best, and so the case is with Colonia Sant Pere on the East coast of Mallorca. It also has one the best sunset going in these parts, the sunset at Sillot d’es Renchi Or cala Benirras in Ibiza are much publicised & admired also often packed by the hordes negotiating the track down to a small beach.  Every time I would rather be 100M from the boat with a cold one in Colonia St Pere looking West over the breakwater.

The passage across Alcudia bay in our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i is usually one tack there (& back) usually some sort of reach which gives you plenty of time to set up the boat &  enjoy the sail & the scenery.  Both ports lie on level ground with mountains rising behind. As you cross the bay 7 Miles of perfect white sand make up the beaches here Muro  C’an Picafort,  unspoilt national parks & protected areas make up the land side.

As always I will leave the pilotage details to Imray, Graham Hutt & the experts.  Colonia St Pere village & marina, though of reasonable size & facilities are best described as a peaceful backwater.  A pretty and well-kept port to arrive in, Club Nautico ~ a restaurant/bar across the street from the marina has a great terrace for reasonable priced sundowners. Explore a few metres back into the side streets & find the very good small Spanish tapas bar /restaurant or walk down the promenade stretching to the East with 2 or 3 inviting (As yet never tried by us) establishments just above the rocky beach.

Set in a protected area both inland & to seaward this part of Alcudia Bay is one of the many hidden jewels to be found on any Mediterranean sailing holiday.  I almost wish it was just a bit further away than the 8.5 Nm it is from Alcudia.  The best answer I have found is to 1st head North around Cabo de Menorca to Playa de Coll Baix for the afternoon then sail down to Colonia.

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