Have you ever dreamt of keeping a boat in the sun on a beach fringed island? Not for everyone but a yacht under charter (Power or sail) can make this an affordable & realistic proposition.


A relatively stable & safe part of the world (Only 2.5 Hours from the UK) Mallorca, in particular the North East of the island close to Menorca & the Calas is a magical cruising area & a great sailing holiday destination. Ibiza is packed in season & Menorca can suffer from slightly more unsettled weather from The Golf de Lions the larger island of Mallorca makes a lot of sense.

The Spanish & French mainland, Sardinia, The Amalfi coast & Sicily are within reach for longer cruises.

Charter will offset the costs of keeping & maintaining a yacht in ship shape condition in a beautiful part of the world, weekly & monthly checks ensure that distance is not a concerning factor, take a look at our boats, even those approaching 10 years in the fleet are far from hammered !


We do not place restrictions on any owners’ usage; it can be as little or as much as you wish its your boat after all & we appreciate this may vary from year to year.


The company has been in existence for 10 years, this experience enables us to advise on the purchase of a suitable vessel, likely income, the various finance & lease plans available, VAT schemes (Good & bad) Tax obligations & the various options to achieve this properly & at least cost. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised.